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Leadership in Business

Fundamental Foundations


  • Positive and confident mindset are vital to success.

  • There is no success without varied amounts of failure.

  • Failure that leads to success comes through repetitions.

  • There are no measurable successes without goals.

  • Goals without a measurable strategy of execution are a wish.

  • Goals are made to be adjusted.

  • Experiences, both positive and negative, are there so you can help someone else through the same trials during their journey.

  • It is important to persevere so you may help someone else do the same.


Training and Development (within a large group setting)

  • Always start with goals and objectives of the training.

  • Give an outline.

  • Find stories that will relate to your audience.

  • Bring the stories to the fundamental aspects of the training.

  • Conclude with key elements, how the stories fit with the fundamental goals, and encourage action steps for empowerment.


Training and Development (in an individual setting)

  • Understand the goals of the individual.

  • Understand their level of expertise.

  • Work with them, not above them.

  • Be a partner, not a superior.

  • Tell stories that relate to them and their experience. Find the “me too” moment.

  • Ask permission before giving advice.

  • Bring stories to the fundamental aspect of their goals and objectives.


As a partnership, encourage and create an action plan for next-level success.